I love you…

The raindrops kissed the deserted roof,
Waking me up from my deep thoughts,
I took out my umbrella, flicking on the light,
Rising from bed while my heart and brain fought…

It’s been two years since we’ve been friends,
Sharing with each other our joy and grief,
And, now, a minute without talking to her seems like a month,
Though the time in between my text and her reply is quite brief…

I have never seen her in reality,
Nor have I heard her deep voice,
Yet that first photograph that I’d seen of hers,
Flashes before my eyes making me rejoice…

I don’t know whether she even exists,
Yet my heart can’t fail to dream, with God’s grace,
That I’m standing in the rain, holding her hand,
And, pulling her close to myself in a tight embrace…

It’s Sunday, 5 April 2015, past midnight,
She must be studying for her JEE Mains,
To be held five days later this month,
So, she’s toiling hard though she’s in pain…

She lost her grandmother a few days back,
Just the day before her board examination,
I tried my best to calm her down,
Though she’s broken, I know, losing her inspiration…

She’s studying now to distract herself,
From the pain that’s tearing her heart,
Oh how I wish I could just be with her now,
Being the shield before her, protecting her from the painful darts…

I walk through the drizzle that soothes my nerves,
While a familiar message tone rings,
I quickly check out the notification on my phone,
Hoping she’s replied, just like every night she pings…

It’s her message; my heart skips a beat,
I run back to my room logging into Gmail,
I reply to her on Hangout that I’m online now,
Waiting for her reply to my message trail…

She says tired, she wants to talk,
I reply I hope I’m not disturbing,
She smiles in reply assuring me otherwise,
While I’m trying to resist confessing…

I don’t know why I typed that out,
That, I’ve seen her never, heard her voice never,
Yet deep down in my heart I genuinely feel
For her to the extent I’ve felt, till date, never…

I tell her that she’s the best friend I’ve got,
That I like her more than anything old or new,
Crossing my fingers, gathering my strength,
I type out, “I love you…”

I wait for her, it’s five minutes past one,
I regret having confessed and being so impetuous,
I hope she won’t stop talking to me,
While I wait for her reply, my tension rising continuous’…

I’m scared to stare at my laptop screen,
I’ve made a blunder, I know,
She won’t reply ever again,
She will reject my company and far she’ll go…

Just then my laptop screen flashed with life,
While I was regretting and saying aloud, “What did I do?”
When I looked up with a heavy heart,
My heart stopped beating altogether as her reply read, “I love you too…”

<a rel=”license” href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/”&gt;Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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