While going through a diary of mine, I came across a poem that reminded me of the happy days that I’ve been through back in school.

It was in 2009 when we were celebrating the fourth centenary year of our foundress, Mary Ward’s Glory Vision that led to the establishment of the world’s first Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary(IBVM), commonly known as ”Loreto”. I was studying in my seventh standard that year. One fine morning, when everything was going almost perfect, I was summoned to the Principal’s office.
Dead scared, I tiptoed to her office situated on the ground floor thinking about all the possible mischiefs I had done because of which I would be punished. As I pushed open the door to Ma’am’s office, surprisingly, she smiled at me and asked me to take a seat before explaining how important Loreto was in the world to fight for women’s education and independence. I listened to her speaking with reverence. Just when I was about to get up from the chair, she popped up a question that nearly choked me!

She asked, ”Would you like to represent Loreto at the All India Loreto Meet?” Before I could even answer, she continued,”I know you’re interested in writing. So, compose a poem in a week on one of her maxims that I would suggest you.”

I thanked her for giving me this splendid opportunity of representing my school at the prestigious programme. That day was a truly a red letter day of my life.


Do your best and God will help.

A friend of mine said one day-
”I’m worried about my exam in May.
I’m not yet thorough with all my books.”
And, saying this, to her heels she took.

I went to her to help her out,
Explained to her calmly; I did not shout-
”Don’t sit there and discourage yourself!
Just do your best, and God will help.”

She promised me that she would no more cry,
To the best of her potential, she would try,
So that after the exam she could tell-
”Hey! My friends, I have done quite well!”

At last, the awaited day had come
Starting the exam with English and Sum.
She confideny completed the test,
Hoping she had done better than her best.

When the result was out- she couldn’t believe her ears!
She had topped in class; she had conquered her fear.
From the core of her heart she thanked God-
And she began to believe in Mary Ward.

The Loreto Emblem.

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