To dare or not to dare…

I was studying in my tenth form. The Student of the Year competition organised by our school had always been my dream to win. However, I had never dared to enter that competition previously because I truly up a pathetic singer when it comes to classical music. However, that year(2012), I geared up my courage and entered into the competition.

The competition was scheduled to be held throughout the year. It began with the artistic events. I remember that I had painted the map of the world on a 10 feet by 20 feet wall. I won the event.

This was followed by the on-stage competitions – quiz, elocution, dramatics and debate. It was indeed a tough competition, yet, I won all of them after putting in a lot of effort.

This was followed by the sports round. I was confident about winning this arena because right since the days of my childhood, I’ve always come first in the sports events. That year, we had to play different group and individual sports, and, were judged accordingly. I played basketball, football, handball, table tennis, throwball, chess, badminton, volleyball and kho-kho. Based on our performances in all these sports, I was declared the winner.

The next event organised that year was dance and music. We had to perform in groups. Our group won the dance competition with ease. However, we were worried about our band performance because of the fact that I didn’t know how to play any musical instrument, and, I couldn’t even sing a classical song. So, I bucked up my courage and learnt how to beat the drum for the song ”Tu Aashiqui Hai” and we also shunned classical music and sang an opera. Therefore, as we performed well and brought in a new concept, we won this music round too.

Finally, the last criteria arrived for winning this competition – the academic achievement round. After putting in a lot of effort, I topped that year after a tough competition offered by my classmates.

Thus, eventually, I was declared ”The Student of the Year”.

It was indeed a very tough year. I had to face and overcome a lot of challenges. I had learnt many new things, explored a greater part of myself and discovered myself in a new manner. Thus, I came across a new ME.

I’m grateful to my school for giving us the opportunity to discover our potential, for nurturing our hidden talents, and, for making us develop as responsible citizens.

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