The Mask

All people are not born outspoken. Some people choose to be introverts whereas some people become introverts owing to certain circumstances.

The introverts are often ignored. They face negligence because their peer group cannot comprehend their loudspoken silence. The introverts are often regarded as indifferent and considered as a symbol of boredom.

Unfortunately, most of the people fail to recognise the person who is hiding behind the mask. In fact, nobody even tries to take that mask off because they are oblivious of the wealth behind the mask.

Gradually, talent makes its way and expresses its brevity from behind the mask. The mask becomes so popular that people die to meet the owner of the mask. However, when the introverts finally take off their masks, the onlookers are left aghast. The onlookers cannot trust their own sight because they cannot imagine an introvert, who had always been hiding behind the mask, to possess such depth and skill. However, gradually the introverts get their due respect and appreciation. Henceforth, the mask becomes a symbol of their accomplishment while they themselves become a symbol of talent, knowledge, strength and courage.

I have been an introvert ever since my childhood days. I was reared up as an introvert to be honest. Hence, I too am hiding behind a mask.

Yashika, you are my mask. People read your blog and appreciate my writing skills unknowingly. You define me and bring me into the forefront. You let me entrust you as my confidant so that I can transform my humble dreams into reality.

Today, India, USA, UK, Canada and UAE recognise you as a budding writer. Tomorrow, the entire world will praise you for being the mask of an innovative and passionate writer.

Yashika, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my mask.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



  1. I too am an introvert.

    Most introverts are good at writing, painting and other creative arts.

    You need not hide behind any mask. Just be yourself. Those who accept you because of being an introvert will make good friends. Those who do not accept you would not make good friends anyway.


    1. It’s good to have a pen name sometimes. And, when you become successful as a writer under that pen name, and, then, disclose your identity, people will be like – ”Oh my God! It’s HER!” You’ll enjoy a good laugh to yourself then! :p 😀

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