Shreyasi, this is for you.

School at DPS was utterly disgusting,
‘Cause there wasn’t anything worth celebrating.
So, I’m very grateful for befriending you, Crackpot,
Because sitting at the last desk we talked what not.

Heavenly seem those times when we sat together,
Thus, when ‘Dabangg Eyes’ glared at us — we didn’t bother!
‘Loudspeaker’ teaching Biology made us able
To tolerate ‘Anaconda’s — ”Bags to keep down the table”!

Regret not hearing the comments of ‘Boma’ Ma’am—
”Rishi, don’t use your mouth; use your hand!”
I miss flunking miserably at the DPS tests—
What great marks we had achieved even after trying our best!

Exotic was the tasteless food at the DPS canteen,
Compared to them, at cooking, I feel I’m the queen!
Smita Ma’am’s Barbie sunglasses worn by the girls of Class 5,
Taught us the significance of fashion in our lives.

Yet the best part about DPS was cheating excessively,
With Shreyansh giving us the lead proudly.
The library, which is meant to be a zone of silence,
Was converted by our librarians to a zone of violence!

Arundhuti Ma’am at Edwise with her puckered lips
Turned on Parvez who just stared at her sexy hips.
Our trip to the British Council made us aware
Of the eternity Parvez spends in his washroom — So, girls, beware!

Standing and hanging from the Barasat-Baruipur bus—
Remember that Bihari Aunty who, in English, did fuss?
Shopping at Mani Square and our Pantaloons visit
Was evident after Aakash’s monetary digits.

I’ll miss you terribly and our last-bench seat,
But I’ve got no regrets, ’cause we’ll always meet!
Aur life mein aage kuch bhi ho jaye—
We’ll never miss DPS ( Dehati Public Shouchalay)!


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



  1. After the school when you all friends will gather
    You will laugh out louder remembering the time spend together
    Remembering the name given to the teacher
    Imitating their personality to bring out their essence

    Pulling each other legs, and cussing incessantly
    After recalling the nuisance you pulled out
    Talking incessantly, retelling your tale
    Of the life you are living after the school

    Capture the moment whilst you have time
    Because the time together again will come in mere packets
    So, bask in your moment of togetherness
    And let the moment seize you, rather than seizing the moment.


  2. shelfari is not opening right now, but as per your question there; i think i get the part of your poem, and it is as per me, an ode to your friendship with you friend SHREYASI


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