The Things You Love

Thank you for writing the third poem for me! I’m surprised at how well you remember every minute detail. Afterall, what are true friends for?

Rishi Raj's Blog

The horses are neighing, the owls are hooting,
Jumping around the fence, flying in a circle,
Blending in the melody, you are singing,
Coming from your heart, resonating your soul.

The waves are rising, the moon is shining,
Aiding the wind in scouring the sand,
To dance beside you, under the velvety sky,
Increasing your radiation, spreading joy around.

The words are dancing, telling your tale
Sharing your consciousness – privileged they feel,
Revelling in their beauty given by your graceful stroke,
Feeling humbled for the secret you confide.

The cocoa are plucked to be turned into chocolates,
Coating your lips in irresistible brownish hue,
Tantalizing your beauty, making you exotic,
Merrily they go round in becoming a part of you.

Your body is soaking in the gift from heaven,
Your mind is psyched upon feeling the rivulets,
Descending down the torso to the sacred ground below –
Making you…

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