The reason behind starting this blog.

Hello Readers,

All of us have started this blog with a purpose in mind. We want our creativity to be reviewed and obtain inspiration for keeping up our endeavour. We want to befriend people with similar interests and talents through this blog. In addition to all this, I too have started this blog with a special purpose in my mind.

Life is short.

Thus, it is evident that we enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. It is evident that we transform our mere state of existence into a beautiful life. Hence, to fill the pages of today with colours, we fear the stark reality of mortality that would dawn upon us tomorrow.

This blog of mine is the potion for immortality. This blog will aid me to leave behind my thoughts and emotions even after my death. Thus, when my numbed fingers will stop from typing out my emotions, this blog will bring to the surface my loudspoken silence.

Thus, I will become immortal.

This is my intention behind starting this blog. Feel free to share yours as well. I would love to hear from you.



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