The raindrops kissed the earth and said, “We are your homesick children. Have you forgotten us? We have come back to you from the heaven.” 

Just when almost the entire city had fallen into a deep slumber, my searing pain made my eyes fly open in search of help. I threw my arms around, but, yet, I could not fight the pain. Even though my throat was dry because of my fear, I managed to scream out in utmost pain only to remain unheard. 

I was all alone in the house. My husband had been sent to Pakistan a week ago to resolve the enmity as far as possible. As a loyal officer serving under the Indian Foreign Service, he had left his expecting wife all alone with a promise that he would be there in time for the delivery. Alas! It seemed that, this time, he would have to break his promise. 

Wasting no time, I somehow strangled myself up from bed and reached out to the bedside table. I had heard somewhere that taking a long and deep breath really helps in combating a difficult situation. Trying to do the same, I swiped through the glowing screen on my phone and dialled the first number on my phonebook : AMBULANCE. 

It seemed that the road outside was waterlogged because every number I dialled simply refused to come to my rescue despite my helpless condition. No! I wasn’t helpless! As an IPS officer, I had faced enough critical situations and had emerged victorious too. If I could fight against all odds even some months ago for the safety of my nation, I could do so for my own child as well. 

With this new light of hope in my eyes, I pulled myself up from bed and groped my way to the kitchen in search of a knife. With the knife in hand, my shivering legs could not hold my weight any longer and I let myself collapse on the floor. I writhe in pain and shrieked out at the top of my voice!

After almost a quarter of an hour of unbearable pain, when my body was beginning to lose hope, a warm, familiar hand removed the knife from my loosening grip and held me tight. I was not strong enough to listen to his words as my ears had turned deaf by that time. His moving lips filled me with a zeal I had never experienced before. I don’t know what had gotten over me, but, the last thing that I remember is that I yelled like never before and pushed with every force I had ever had in my body before a shadow was cast over my reddening eyes and my body became limp. 

I don’t know for how long I was unconscious. When I opened my eyes slowly, the golden rays of the sun lit up the entire room I was lying in. Just then, I realised someone, very tiny, lying close to my bosom. As I was about to slowly shift my weight towards the sound of the soft breath, he lifted me up and helped me sit up against his warm chest. With a quivering hand, for the first time, I held my little baby in my arms, and, my eyes immediately swelled up with tears. Not only was I happy that I was now a proud mother, but, I was also touched because my husband had indeed kept his promise. We locked eyes with each other for a moment before he made my forehead wet with a soft kiss, hugged me tight with our baby in my arms, and, whispered into my ears, “My strong and beautiful Angel, our cute, little Princess has finally arrived.” 

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My First Portrait 

It’s the first time I took up the courage to try sketching a portrait. I don’t know the techniques, but, I have given it a try. Well, to be honest, I’m quite disappointed with my sketch because it didn’t turn out to be the portrait of my favourite actor, Audrey Hepburn, at all. However, since it was my first attempt, I’m happy that at least I tried to sketch something beyond my comfort zone. 

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A painting by a novice painter.

After remaining away from the paint brushes and the colours for four years, I decided to play with colours again, and, thus, skipped every task at hand just to relive my childhood days. 

The painting that you see above is the final painting. Since I’m not an artist, I had to break it up into steps to let the colours flow. I’m sure there are plenty of flaws in the painting and I’d be happy if my readers point out those mistakes to me. I’m willing to improve myself based upon the instructions I receive. 
For the ‘new born babies’ in the world of painting, I am uploading the steps that I had followed. I hope you find it useful. 

Step 1

If you’re a beginner, it is always advisable to sketch out what you want to paint to make your painting process easier. 

Step 2

Start painting with the colours you choose. If you’re doing it for the first time, begin painting from the top and then gradually proceed towards the bottom of your sketch to avoid unwanted stains. Don’t try to mix too many colours all of a sudden if you’re not used to it. Remember to use quick strokes of your brushes so that the paint can be used to give an effect of shading before it dries up. 

Step 3

Paint any other portion only if the first part that you’ve painted is dried up sufficiently. 

Step 4

You can use more colours to shade now.

Step 5

After the shading is done, you can move up to the other portions too. 

Step 6

It’s always better to use a Base (refer to Step 5) before bringing in a multiple colour shading effect. 

Step 7

Now, the painting is almost ready. Hence, you can now apply the finishing touches. 

Step 8

This is what it looks like after the finishing touches have been applied. 

Step 9

After painting your sketch, it’s essential to provide a suitable background. Hence, as before,  I’ve applied a Base for my background. 

Step 10

After applying shading effects, this is what my painting looks like finally. 

Phew! I don’t believe I could manage to pull this off. If it isn’t too bad, then I would definitely love to learn the real techniques of painting a picture so that I can express myself in a better way! 

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A Wife’s Letter to her Husband 

If working hard is difficult, 

And is making you lose your temper, 

If studying for long hours is painful, 

And is making your mind insensitive 

Towards the human emotions left 

In and around you, 

I’d be happy to get married to your previous self 

For whom love meant more than career, 

I’d be happy to lead a basic life 

Adorned with the richness of love, 

A love so strong and expensive

That even the Kohinoor diamond bows it’s head before it, 

I’d be happy to be a beggar whose life is full of love, 

A life where my partner doesn’t misunderstand me 

Due to anything and everything, 

A life where intimacy replaces insult 

And bestows a heavenly feeling, 

A life where I can go to bed and sleep peacefully on your chest, 

A life where I can smile at the end of the day and tell myself 

That I haven’t shed a single drop of tear today. 

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​Raining in the core of my heart, 

Your love has ploughed my barren soul, 

Tingling every loo away, 

And the snowflakes that freeze me cold. 
In the morning you’ve woken me up lovingly 

To feed me with your own hand in the day 

So that I’m happy watching the setting sun 

And the stars that shone brightly on the night sky each day. 
Sweetly touching and caring for me 

You made me forgot that I had no one ever, 

Such was the gravity of your genuine love 

That my heart aches to leave you forever. 
Helpless I feel that I’m a curse upon you 

Bringing bad fortune since the time 

That I set my foot in your life, 

Burning all your happiness and dime. 
In the Sands of Time, my name would be written 

Now that it’s time for me to stop this deceive, 

Be happy and enjoy life, do your best, 

Because it’s the time for me to permanently leave. 
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Crying silently… 

So excited was I throughout my trip, 

Because I knew I’d see you, 

Everyday, I’d flip through the pages of the calendar 

To smile at the date marked in blue. 

It’s only been twelve long days since I’d seen you last 

At the station the first thing I got off the train, 

The same familiar features with a dimpled cheek 

Once again just blew over my heart and brain. 

So eager was I to hold your hand and

Feel your breath so divine, 

And close my eyes to experience bliss 

When you kiss me down my spine. 

But destiny has got other plans it seems 

And it’s plan is to make us wait 

And wait and wait till the right time arrives 

For the fish to catch it’s bait. 

So excited was I to see you again tonight,

Dressed in your same old jeans, 

Trying to catch a glimpse of your Angel, 

Against all odds and all means. 

However, it seems that destiny, once again, 

Has decided to keep us apart again, 

So I’m waiting now and gazing at the sky 

Because even the moonlight now can’t soothe my pain. 

My throat is dry, I don’t have voice to talk, 

My eyes are a grievous red and burning incessantly, 

Yet I’m pretending to smile through the searing pain 

While my eyes are crying silently… 

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