Meet Yashika :-)

Hello Friends,

To many of you, I have always been a mystery. As some of you have rightly said, I don’t have a post or a page regarding myself. This has created a wide opinion regarding my age in the hearts of many of my fellow bloggers, my favourites being Akanksha sending me off to college and Sunny calling me an engineer! Therefore, a little bit of clarification, I guess, is definitely required.

On the day I’m updating this page, I proudly declare myself to be a part of the ‘Adult’ community legally in India. Yes, I’m eighteen!

I’m currently appearing for my Board Examination. I’m from Kolkata and I’m a Loretoite and a Dipsite. I love sports, art, dance, drama, social services and above all, I love writing.

I write under the pen name of Yashika as some of you have discovered under my careful instructions. In future, I dream of publishing my own novel and, thus, transforming my dreams into reality. In fact, I’ve just begun framing my novel today.

I wish you all a very bright future ahead. Feel free to ask me a question that lingers in your mind.

Happy Blogging,



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