​Raining in the core of my heart, 

Your love has ploughed my barren soul, 

Tingling every loo away, 

And the snowflakes that freeze me cold. 
In the morning you’ve woken me up lovingly 

To feed me with your own hand in the day 

So that I’m happy watching the setting sun 

And the stars that shone brightly on the night sky each day. 
Sweetly touching and caring for me 

You made me forgot that I had no one ever, 

Such was the gravity of your genuine love 

That my heart aches to leave you forever. 
Helpless I feel that I’m a curse upon you 

Bringing bad fortune since the time 

That I set my foot in your life, 

Burning all your happiness and dime. 
In the Sands of Time, my name would be written 

Now that it’s time for me to stop this deceive, 

Be happy and enjoy life, do your best, 

Because it’s the time for me to permanently leave. 
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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