Crying silently… 

So excited was I throughout my trip, 

Because I knew I’d see you, 

Everyday, I’d flip through the pages of the calendar 

To smile at the date marked in blue. 

It’s only been twelve long days since I’d seen you last 

At the station the first thing I got off the train, 

The same familiar features with a dimpled cheek 

Once again just blew over my heart and brain. 

So eager was I to hold your hand and

Feel your breath so divine, 

And close my eyes to experience bliss 

When you kiss me down my spine. 

But destiny has got other plans it seems 

And it’s plan is to make us wait 

And wait and wait till the right time arrives 

For the fish to catch it’s bait. 

So excited was I to see you again tonight,

Dressed in your same old jeans, 

Trying to catch a glimpse of your Angel, 

Against all odds and all means. 

However, it seems that destiny, once again, 

Has decided to keep us apart again, 

So I’m waiting now and gazing at the sky 

Because even the moonlight now can’t soothe my pain. 

My throat is dry, I don’t have voice to talk, 

My eyes are a grievous red and burning incessantly, 

Yet I’m pretending to smile through the searing pain 

While my eyes are crying silently… 

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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