It was past midnight. 
I was flipping through the pages of my journal, looking for a particular day’s entry. After about ten long minutes of frantically searching, a paper, wrapped in a handmade envelope  fell out from nowhere. 
I lifted up the piece of paper. 
I was hoping to discover an old bill or something of lesser significance. However, what was contained inside the envelope took me by a sharp, stinging pain. 
It was a torn out page from a Classmate’s exercise book. On it were written the lines which I did not require to read through  even once because I knew them by heart. It was the most confusing confession that could have  been received by the luckiest girl in the world. The sheer honesty and purity of the words of love unknowingly let a fresh set of burning tears roll down my moistened cheek leaving me insomniac… 

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