Little Girl…

There was once a little girl hiding behind a wall,
Fearing, if she faces the wind, she might endure the toughest fall,
She stood there hidden while the wind blew on,
Staring frightfully at the wind with dark black clouds adorned.

She stood there waiting for the wind to stop blowing,
Blocking her ears with both her hands to refrain from hearing
The roaring thunder tearing her ears apart,
Pricking her soft eardrums like in a game of dart.

She got tired of waiting, her hopes, once high,
Drooped over her shoulders letting out a deep sigh,
And, then she looked at the wind and said,
“Watch out, you monster! You’ll soon be dead! ”

Saying this, she came out from behind the wall,
She stood facing the wind, bold and tall,
And stepped up the winding mountainous rugged road,
To finally reach safely her peaceful abode.

This little girl, once weak, conquered her fear,
Though she had to struggle, yet, she bucked up the gear,
To thrash the hurdle that stood blocking her way,
And, thus, emerge victorious, safe at bay.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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