The Land of the Thundering Dragon – Bhutan

Burning is the Land of the Thundering Dragon,
Glowing with pride from close to heaven,
Once upon a time, by the world, truly forgotten,
And, now, once again, with its glory it’s risen.

Heaven blessed this land of beauty and serenity,
Caressing the painting brush gently on the land,
Such is the magic of this little world’s gravity,
That it’s bounty cannot be changed by the Sands of Time.

Ushering it’s people with a culture so pure,
Filling their hearts with abundance and love,
Is His Majesty guarding his people for sure,
Watching over his countrymen from palace above.

The touch of Mother Earth protects her children,
Residing in this place from the world once quite detached,
Caressing their pain with the purest rain,
That frees them of all ill health attached.

A land so very pure, a land so very blessed,
Will I be able to touch and feel the real You,
To breathe in the divine air, to listen to the music that rested
On Your bosom since long afresh and anew.

Night and day I dream of experiencing Your divinity,
Ever since I’ve decided to unroll the yarn,
That covers You from my reach,
The Land of the Thundering Dragon – Bhutan.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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