An unasked question…

The raindrops kissed the earth and said, “We are your homesick children. Have you forgotten us, Mother? We have come back to you from heaven.”

Inside the stone cold building, the lady in black walked across the hallway to her rented apartment. She twisted the doorknob and stepped into the studio apartment closing the door behind her. Just as she was about to flick the lights on, she thought she heard someone sniffing in her room. Making no noise, she tiptoed down to her bedroom and peeked inside.

It took her a long time to grasp what she was seeing before her eyes. On the tiled floor were strewn atleast a hundred candles. She frantically looked around for the sign of an intruder in vain. Seeing the window open, she came to the conclusion that whoever had lighted the candles in her room must have escaped from the window when the click of her doorknob had broken the hollow silence. Turning around, she began to walk up to the window to breathe in the fragrance of the wet mud that was boozing into her room on the ground floor, when her feet touched a piece of paper. Out of curiosity, she held the piece of paper in the candlelight to make out the confident letters imprinted on it. When she read the the letters staring at her, her eyes turned red with fear and her heart skipped its beat. The letters read, “R. I. P.”…

Just as she dropped the paper from her hand to shout out from the window to the man who had just escaped ,” Who are you? “, the building exploded from within and engulfed everything within itself…

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



  1. I like what raindrops said to earth. I really like it. Enjoying too.
    I think you have to think to turn your blogging from hobby to pro.
    A good blogger hiding inside you, give him space to explore.


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