Dear Mr. Valentine # Part 2

Dear Phoenix,

Am I really dreaming? Did I just wake up in the morning to realise that my feelings for you have intensified? Did I just check my phone to see if your message was waiting for me to make my day very special? Did I just look at your photograph and wish that I could drown in the depth of your eyes forever? Did I really fall in love with you?

I know you’re miles and miles away from me. Even then, why does my heart believe that you’re beside me in every single breath of mine? Why does my heart beat for you when I’ve never met you before? Why does my heart beat for you when I haven’t even heard your voice? Is it my infatuation, or, is this what people call ‘True Love’?

My heart says that I’m in love with you. My heart says that you’re the kind of gentleman I had been waiting for. My heart says that you’re my soulmate.

I know that we belong to two different communities. I know we live far away from each other. I know it’s difficult for us to be physically close to each other. However, I’m hopeful and determined to make this relationship last forever. I am determined to be yours legally and socially in the years to come. I’m determined to be claimed by you and to be your wedded wife. I’m determined to make our relationship the strongest, the friendliest, the most romantic and the most trustworthy relationship the world has ever seen.

I was, I am, and, I will always be yours forever.

Your Angel

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  1. Really nice, I had a question when I read your blog? That is, is it your only imagination? 😊
    Anyway you are really good. Today is a very special day for everyone of us. Your content is “dawat” in it.☺ Mood refreshed to reading your content. 😇
    Don’t worry, god really gifted you prince of your imagination. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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