Three Day Quote Challenge


Sometimes, silence becomes the only mode of communication.

– Yashika




      1. I haven’t scored well. 😦
        I’ve got 91% (BFS). My exam had literally gone through a bad phase. I lost my grandmother on the day before my Physics exam. I had a tough time controlling and hiding my emotions. 😦

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      2. Oh I am so sorry dear. That must have been tough. I also faced this when my uncle died just before my boards in 12th. That too I had never seen a dead body from this close. Cheer up! 91% is good. Where have you joined now?

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  1. Hi Yashika,
    I have been following your blog since your first post, and, I have come across many wonderful posts written by you. You would probably know me by my blog ( I want to put forth an idea in front of you.
    Since we both write poems (well I just write poems, and I have not posted all of it on my blog yet), and, I am very much impressed by your writing methods and capabilities, therefore, I want to ask you whether or not you are interested in co-authoring a book of poems written by us which will complement each other poems and are in perfect segue with each other?
    I know this is out of the blue, and, I think you would get a shock too, but I just wanted to put forth this idea. Please let me know your opinion about this idea, I will be eagerly waiting for your reply. (
    Best wishes,
    Rishi Raj


    1. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I believe that, it is through silence that we arrive at a state of introspection which helps us to connect us to our inner self. 🙂

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