It’s been…

It’s been three years since we last spoke,
As best friends cheering over a secret joke,
And, rolling on the floor giggling incessantly,
Because our classmates kept staring at us blankly.

It’s been three years since we last called up,
To begin our conversation saying,”Wassup?”
And, speak over the phone for hours at a stretch,
Instead of studying for high marks to fetch.

It’s been three years since you misunderstood me,
Infected by the girl who wished to ruin us, you see,
And, she failed to succeed in her devilish plot,
Because, you perceived that she wanted our friendship to rot.

It’s been two years since you’ve realised your mistake,
Of trusting the girl whose friendship was fake,
And, asked for forgiveness from me a lot,
Promising me that you’d listen to her not.

However, my dear, I had forgiven you, you see,
The day you had turned away from me,
But, I’m sorry to say that never will I,
Accept you back in my life.

I’m not being egoistic because I can’t forget,
How you’ve distrusted me, how you’ve made me let
Myself suffer the unbearable loss alone,
Hence, it’s better if, from my life, you’re permanently gone.

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  1. A+

    The emotions are especially raw for me. A similar occurrence happened in my life. It is okay to be angry, to feel the betrayal to the core, and to know that what is best is that which is ahead of you. Something’s are not meant to be forgotten, for fear that we might fall prey to the deceit once more. Protect your heart and rise to let the sun greet you. A lesson is two-fold. I congratulate you. You wrote this from your wounded soul and many will feel it within their heart.

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