His first cheque

Just yesterday itself, he broke an extremely good news to me – ”I received my cheque!”

A few months back, he had written a poem for his college magazine. His writing was quite well appreciated by everyone, and, hence, he was granted 1000 bucks for his effort.

To the world, it might be just a small amount. However, to me, it’s more than a million because I know what love, dedication, perseverance and hard work hides behind his creativity; it’s his first earning; it’s his first step towards building a secure future for not himself, but, for his family; it’s his commitment to me and to the promise that he has made to me; it’s a part of his heart and soul which he wants to give away for the people he loves the most.

I know how important a moment it is in his life as well as mine. I know what the priorities are in his life. I know how much he loves his mother and myself. Hence, I only parted my lips to make one request to him. I requested him to hand of that cheque over to his mother (Mummy Ji) because it is because of her that he was able to stand on this platform today.

When he agreed to my humble request and thanked me for my gesture, and, called me the best partner in the entire world, tears unknowingly gathered in my eyes. My tears were a symbol of my happiness and they confirmed that I would never be happier in someone else’s company.

Hence, if God truly moulds soul mates and sends them to this earth, I can admit that we both are one of those soul mates.


Just a combination of religious symbols on my nails on the occasion of Bengali New Year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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