Versatile Blogger Award – My twelfth award as a blogger!

Thank you awesomeness29 for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!
The rules are:
# Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
# Share 7 facts about yourself
# Nominate deserving bloggers

1. I’ve never watched an entire cricket match.
2. I’ve started giving tuitions to a physically challenged boy.
3. I can’t break an egg at one go.
4. I’m looking forward to my college-life!
5. I hate eating Palak Paneer!
6. I had performed on stage for the first time when I was three years of age.
7. I love mangoes!

I would like to extend this award to every blogger because I believe every blog is versatile. Hence, please feel free to nominate yourself because you’re versatile! 🙂



  1. Wor! Congrats and its was really awesome that you nominated everyone … And the second fact about yourself is really example of altruism. Keep it up 💛


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