Infinity Dreams Award – My eleventh award as a blogger!

Karuna ( Simply me 😉 ) has blessed me with my eleventh award. She’s an amazing blogger and, hence, I would like to recommend everyone to check out her blog.


As per her wish, I would like to share a dream of mine. 🙂

Growing up in India, I’ve always seen discrimination between men and women around me, especially when it comes to education. Though the educated class has been able to erase this shameful practice in the recent years, however, it is still very much prevalent among the people who are merely literate or illiterate or even an orthodox.

As a student, I have not been able to contribute much to eradicate this grievance amongst the poor girls. The only thing I’ve done is teaching some poor girls who beg for a living, by taking the risk of facing the wrath of their socially backward parents.

Hence, as an adult and a responsible citizen of my nation, I would like to take up the responsibility of atleast one poor girl child and establish her in the society.

Hence, I dream of a nation where men and women will be treated equally in the hearts and mind of all citizens.



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