Life in a Cell

Apart from the poems that you’ve written for me, this is my favourite!

So, I would request my fellow bloggers to read my favourite poem written by my favourite person! 🙂

Rishi Raj's Blog

Living in a 10 by 10 cell,
I am here to tell you a tale.
Darkness lingers around here,
With dampness following it everywhere.

The room has opening from two sides,
At front there is door, window backside.
A quarter turn stair leads me here,
With 50 trade and 50 rise.

A window sill is all I can see,
From the building opposite mine.
Rarely does it open for a glimpse,
Hiding secret behind its glazy glass.

Sunlight dance during the morning hours,
Playing hide and seek with thousand leafs.
Certainly the defining moment of the day,
Warming my body with its loving caress.

I imagine what happens in the room,
When the world is working on its chores.
The molecules must be vibrating at furious speed,
To drive away the cold from its seed.

The dusk draws on with sluggish pace.
With it my room becomes a happening place,

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