First Rainfall

My fourth gift! Thank you, Rishi! 🙂

Rishi Raj's Blog

The electricity is gone,
Due to an electrifying cloud,
Which is rumbling so hard,
Creating a fear in my heart.

I wish I could be with you,
To enjoy the falling hails,
To hurl it towards you,
To tease you with it.

The rain is falling so hard,
Drenching my body in a moment,
Creating an ache in my heart,
Initiated due to your absence.

The rain could have been so magical,
Roaming around, hand in hand,
Laughing and singing and playing together,
In this pouring water from the heaven.

Your face is flashing before my eyes,
Immense urge is there to be in contact with you,
But I am isolated devoid of any means,
To hear your ever loving voice.

All I could do is imagine your features,
Water flowing down your ridges and valleys.
Your mischievous grin and innocence,
Turning you into a fairy creature.

I’m waiting eagerly…

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