And these are a few of my favourite things…

Thank you for writing the beautiful poem for me based on the things I like.
So, these are a few of my favourite things which I can’t live without…

My journal – I have been writing a journal since I was a little girl aged ten. Since then, my journal has become my confidant and my truest companion.

Rain – The showers of heaven beautified the earth the day I was born. Coincidentally, it rains every year on my birthday. I love the rain because it helps me to enjoy the blissful company of my own self, to evaluate my thoughts and emotions, and, to wash away the negativity persisting within myself.

Water Being a swimmer, I just can’t stay away from jumping into the swimming pool, relaxing and playing on the bosom of the ocean, and, marvelling every time on seeing a water body.

Dance Though I’m not a trained dancer, yet, I dance to my heartbeat to express myself in a better way.

Sports I love sports! Just name it, and, I’ll play it!

Nature Enjoying the bounty of nature is something I occasionally indulge myself in.

Food – I don’t care that I’m a fatso! The only thing I care about is good, tasty, sometimes unhealthy food, especially, Chocolates!

Literature – I think some of you have already discovered my love for reading and writing. It defines me.

Friends and Family – I love my family and all my friends a lot. I owe them myself and everything else I have. What I am today is because of these special people.

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