The lesson of life


I was four years of age when I had set my tiny feet on this ground. At that time, the colourful lines on the ground was a source of mystery I was yet to decipher.

The first time I got to touch that precious basketball was at the age of six. In vain I used to spend my lunch hour trying to get atleast one basket done. However, I was still a toddler in the game to have successfully scored a basket.

In a few months time, I had already finally succeeded in making the ball enter the net accidentally! My joy knew no bounds at this horrifyingly unattempted victory!

A few days later, I met with a mishap. I fractured my right elbow and ended up with my hand plastered. However, today, I marvel at the thought that though being right-handed, I kept aiming at theΒ  basket during the lunch break with my left hand. The tenacity and love for sports along with the never-give-up attitude was instilled in that child who eventually grew up to become a champion in the field of sports ( swimming ) and was honoured with the prestigious post of the Sports Captain at school.

That Sports Captain was none other than the most responsible but the craziest girl of our batch — Yashika. I indeed carried out every task responsibly. However, most importantly, I excused myself from every single class pretending that a lot of work was at hand. I mean, common, who attends the boring lectures when the ground is beckoning you to enjoy a game or two?

I’ve tripped on this ground and wounded my knee so that I could rise. I rose to the victory stand on this field and then, fell down once again on this very field to realise the importance of sportsmanship, leadership, team spirit and a fair game. This field has shaped me to fight and establish my identity in the years to come. This field has prepared me to face the unseen with a steady feet and to establish my vision beyond the horizon to overcome every difficulty that I’m faced with. This field has bled me to relish the importance of zeal, enthusiasm and honesty. This field has given the world Yashika.

Today, the field is no more my own, but, its memories are. Today, the field will no more beckon me towards itself to mesmerise in my zealous touch, but, my feet will walk the roads like a champion who set foot on this field. Today, the field will produce yet another champion, but, this champion which it had moulded into shape for twelve long years will give back to this field many more champions through inspiration and determination that this field can take pride in. This field will retain its holiness forever.

You can’t change the direction of the wind, but, you can always adjust your sails to reach your destination.

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  1. amazing. champions are not born , they are made . and you are one among them . sports difinitely has some great to teach you life ,just not sports . i was amused by the passion u had for sports and kept on working until you become a champion.
    good luck

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  2. Hi yashika, nice experience sharing and you took me to school days where similarly there was always a battle between my determination and balls hurting nature. I remember muscle pull, finger hurts, ankle twisting were some of the things against our passion. But basketball always made me crazy.

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      1. I’m from my board examination starting from Monday. I’m about to finish off with my 10+2 course, hopefully! πŸ™‚
        I’m from Kolkata.
        What about you?


  3. You remind me when I learn to skate on the first day at the ice skating ring with my classmates during school holiday. Even though I fell many times, I still resolve to stand and learn to skate. And finally, I made it. My mum was so hurt to see all my bruises. But I feel satisfied to learn to skate.

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      1. Because I have been spending a lot of time to absorb my studies during school. Now, I am spending time to upgrade my skills to find permanent job yet has not found one.

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