The Burnt Diary

Writing is not my hobby; it’s my passion.

This passion of mine had found it’s safe home in all the journals that I possessed until 2011.

I remember I had forgotten to hide my journal before going to school. When I returned home, I frantically searched my room in vain because my mother had already found out my precious piece of writing before I could hide it at an apparently safe place.

My parents don’t like the fact that I write. Hence, out of disapproval, my journal was burnt.


I could only be strong enough to stare at the pages being engulfed by the emanating flame. The smoke, my parents thought, hurt my eyes because of which tears trickled down my burning cheek. However, it was I who knew that the pages of my journal were the pages of my own precious life that was withering away into ashes. I could, but, only stare at my soul burning.

From that day onwards, I had made up my mind to make my parents realise one day that I don’t waste my time writing junk!

Thus, today, I write in secrecy and run this blog in secrecy too to keep the flame of my passion burning.

No matter how difficult it becomes to write without being caught writing by my parents, I promise myself that I will never give up!

Readers, thank you for reading my words. I apologise for not maintaining my usual style of writing.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


  1. keep writing..i also had a similar incident in my life..i wrote a long poem (i won prize in the same school for that poem later), one of my master threw the papers away and said i should stop wrting poems and concentrate on studies 🙂 lol (he might have thought i am writing love poems lol ) i was 16 that time

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  2. A) yashu . if i were ur family i would never stopped you from doing the thing which u truly believe in . do not blame anyone . from the bottom of my heart i promise to support you . you gotta write no matter what obstacle you face. Doesn’t matter if u skip your usual way of writing. Writing is expressing and that’s what you did ..

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