The Paralytic Bliss


As I stepped into the dark,
I felt my way to the mark
Which you had left for me to find,
Expecting me to read your mind.

I traced the patterns on the fence,
Knowing not they would lead me whence;
And along the way I caught your smell,
Perceiving, why with you, in love I fell.

I groped alone in the breezy night,
And just then, I saw a wonderful sight:
Spread before me was an enchanting meadow,
Where my eager eyes traced your shadow.

Slowly my eyes drifted away,
To the beautiful flowers which, in the breeze, did sway,
And far away the firs danced to their tune
Under the soothing light of the angelic moon.

The flutter of wings could no more be heard,
As they were asleep- those beautiful birds.
And to my right, the clear stream flowed,
And, on its mirror-like surface his reflection it showed.

As I looked up, he turned towards me,
Reading my face of what my feelings might be.
Hesitating, he stretched his hand,
Pulling me towards himself as smoothly as the sand.

All these years, I had shied away from him.
But today, the atmosphere represented a romantic film;
I drifted towards him feeling that I might trip,
But his swift muscular arms already had me in his grip.

He held me tight against his chest,
Unlike the first time he did during the fest,
His lips silently traced my jaw,
As he confessed his love while I stood in awe.

Slowly, but willingly, his lips crushed on mine.
My head swam, but, I felt just over-fine!
When I was breathless, he quickly pulled away,
And he lifted me in his arms, and carried me all the way.

As we reached home, he stepped through the door,
And made his way to my room, talking no more,
He gently lay me down on my bed, And on his lap, he rested my head.

Eventually as the clock ticked by,
I snuggled close to him while he sang a lullaby,
The clock struck twelve, the darkness grew,
And I dozed off. Outside, the cool breeze blew.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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