Embrace your last sleep


It is easy to be a human being, but, it’s not easy being human. Similarly, it is easy to fall in love, but, it’s not easy to love someone. And, this love becomes more difficult when that someone would never become your better-half. It is easy to tell that someone that you demand nothing, but, in your heart of hearts, you have desires that even you don’t know about. You say that you need that someone to be happy, but, you never say that you want that someone to be happy in your happiness. You say you were born alone and, hence, you will die alone, but, you never admit the fact that destiny chose you to lament alone. When you see that someone happy with someone else, tears unknowingly gather in your eyes. You convince yourself that your tears are a symbol of your happiness, but, your attempt to make yourself happy fails even though others get convinced about your happiness. This fake happiness covering the deepest sorrow in the core of your heart gradually vanishes when you are alone. The unexpressed grief shatters your heart. You lie down on your bed and cry silently. Your pillow gets wet till you are drained of all your tears. Still, you are not satisfied as your need will never be fulfilled. You admit to yourself that you need a shoulder to lean on and a chest to cry on, but, you know that that someone will never embrace you. Hence, you silently embrace your last sleep.

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36 thoughts on “Embrace your last sleep

  1. What a beautiful article it was. I mean, things were complex but you explained them so neatly.
    That person will have a wasted life, who never has enjoyed crying in alone. What a happy cry that is !! We don’t want anyone to enter the room, Just the imagination and us. Those cries make us stronger

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  2. Alone and solitude are 2 different things. Solitude is more good which allows us have more self realization. Alone is much of a sad feeling . well other point here is of love .. Someone going away from you and suppressing the sadness and still smiling takes great strength .. I will tell u flip side of this too later ..
    Loved this post yashu

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    1. Supreet,
      Indeed solitude opens up the door to introspection. In fact, solitude is a much treasured company than loneliness as you have rightly said. However, I failed to make out what exactly you had meant by asking me to flip side. Could you please elaborate? πŸ™‚

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    2. Supreet,
      Indeed solitude opens up the door to introspection. In fact, solitude is a much treasured company than loneliness as you have rightly said. However, I failed to make out what exactly you had meant by asking me to flip side. Could you please elaborate?

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  3. Yashika;
    Frankly speaking, within one day, you published three marvellous gem and each one is unique, since, it was, valentine day, I didn’t disturb the mood, but, believe me this is classic piece of writing.
    Many a times, I surprised about you, at a very tender age of 18 from where you are getting inspiration for writing such a classic piece, not only that, it is written with such a depth, such a tone of sadness and reality.
    While writing this piece you had any specific event or person on mind??????????????
    It is purely based on your imagination power???????????????.
    Your true and honest answer ( if it is not personal) will help me to make my own post more meaningful.
    Wishing you all the best………………..


    1. Swajith,
      Thank you for your kind words. Well, whenever I write something, I write it based on my imagination as well as experience. The experience is not always personal. However, this post is a combination of mine as well as my friend’s emotion.
      I’m eagerly waiting for your next blog.


      1. Yashika;
        How can I write new post; because, now a days, my most of the productive time goes to read your post, communicate with you, so, if I am not writing, you are the responsible person.

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      2. Yashika;
        If in future, if I am not going to publish on time, simply, I will complain to my all the readers that you are the responsible for stealing my maximum time and for that in future you will help me to write my post………………….

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      3. Swajith,
        Your readers, including myself, would be heartbroken if you don’t publish your posts on time. In fact, your fan-followers might even kick me out of WordPress for killing your valuable time.
        And, I don’t know if I’m good enough to do so, but, if you ever need help regarding your posts, I’ll be ever willing to help you out.
        Happy Blogging!


  4. I understand such feelings.

    Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry to follow our ministry blog. May our poetry bless your hearts and minds πŸ™‚


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