Thank you, Rishi!


I had always wanted to start my own blog, but, the lack of confidence held me back. I always wanted to publicise my effort to produce an original composition, but, yet again, I was reluctant to do so because I didn’t expect that I would get readers who would shower me with love and appreciation.

My hesitation was soon removed by my ‘Cyber Friend – Rishi Raj’.

He is the person who inspired me to overcome my introvert character and start this blog. Hence, I’m grateful to him for encouraging me to achieve this feat.

Rishi, thank you so much for helping me step closer to the fulfillment of my dream.



  1. U would have never defeated that fear if u would have not taken step to start.
    And look at ur blogs now . they are amazing . and moreever i would have missed reading some wonderful things out here ..

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      1. I don’t know if I’m humble or not. I believe in expressing my gratitude even for the smallest of things because it takes little pieces of marble to build something great and magnificent like the Taj Mahal. 🙂

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