Rise, Rise Again!

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Stormed and strewn may seem your life today,
Hidden grief in your cold, stone heart does lay.
Yet your strength flows down your fingertips,
Yet the cherubic smile never fails to touch your lips.

Admiration fills me when I watch you thrive,
‘Cause I know how much you have been deprived.
Yet with invincible strength you rise again,
Yet so beautifully you hide your unbearable pain.

”HOPE”-you have, certainly, from your heart erased,
‘Cause you truly perceive your train to be derailed.
Though in the court of life you’ve been wrongly fared,
Yet for you to move on, the track has been repaired.

Endeavouring to conquer the invincible was always your aim,
So why have you given up your most-prized childhood game?
Why have you stopped aiming in the game of darts?
Why have you buried your feelings in the sea of hearts?

Be yourself now; so rise, rise again!

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  1. For all those who are at crossroads in their life and seeking answers and also for the people who have grown wiser .
    The best motivational msg I would recommend to u. Read it completely
    Thanks to yashika

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