The Head Girl’s Dream

”I have a dream.”
This famous dialogue became a part of the dramatic speech by Martin Luther King in the 1960s. I too have dreams, but mine are more humble compared to his.

From the very first day I stepped into my school, I envied my seniors a lot and always dreamt of stepping into their shoes. However, as I started growing up, these childish dreams faded away in the distant horizon. I started knowing myself in a better way and slowly learnt to comprehend my true dreams that were subdued within me for so long. I not only wanted to just grow up, but I also wished to develop as a person and to serve all the people in the world. Thus, my growth in the school, my changing outlook along with my growing maturity shaped the vision of my future. From dreaming in black and white, I now began to dream in colours.

All of us sitting over here have dreams, don’t we? Now just close your eyes and fly to your dreamland. Think of all the dreams that you dream every day. Now open your eyes. What did you see? Did you see your dreams only, or, did you also see yourself fulfilling your dreams? Well, let me tell you that only dreaming is not enough. You have to learn to execute those dreams. If you have dared to dream, then you should be able to turn them into reality.

What do you mostly dream of? I think you dream of becoming successful because I too dream of achieving success in whatever I do. However, that does not mean I become successful in every aspect of life. Like everyone, I too face defeats occasionally, but, does that mean I lose hope and give up? No, I never give up! My school has prepared me to take up challenges and to continue with them until I overcome them.

I know that it is not easy to accomplish whatever you dream of. No matter how difficult your dreams are, never stop trying to fulfil them. Patience, hard work, perseverance and failures will help you to fulfil your ambition. If you have not tasted failure, then, you will never succeed. So don’t get disheartened if you fail in something. Accept your failure as a lesson of life and next time, put in more effort so that you fulfil your desired wishes.

If you ask me, ”What is your dream?”, I will answer you, ” I dream of becoming a washerwoman.” Does that sound funny to you? Well, let me confirm that I am not joking at all. It is very much true that I want to become a washerwoman so that I can wash away all the corruption, hatred, dishonesty, poverty and all other negative factors that have been embedded in the Indian society. We are the upcoming generation that will rule the country. But do we care to uplift our moral values and bring back the glory of our country? Why does the youth want to adopt all sorts of western habits? I’m not saying that the western culture is not upto the mark. I only want to convey to you that our country, India, is rich in its own culture. But unfortunately, today’s youth cannot recognise and appreciate the beauty and richness of the country. Today, I invite all of you to dream such dreams that will not just benefit you, but will help to uplift the lost glory and honour of our nation.

Just dreaming and executing the dreams is not enough. The most important thing is the objective with which you dream. Do you count the number of 1000- rupee notes that you will get after fulfilling your dreams, or, do you count the number of happy, smiling faces that you will see after your wishes have been fulfilled? Why are you so bothered about material wealth? Why are you so selfish? Once you have fulfilled your own dreams, can you not help others less fortunate than you to fulfil their dreams? After all, they too are human beings who have been sent by God on this earth with some special intention. If you have a right to dream, so do they.

If you flip through the pages of a book, a newspaper or a magazine, you will come across numerous great men and women who dreamt not for themselves, but, for others. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Mother Teresa, Kiran Bedi, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam are all great people who gave up their youth for us to be happy. Are we not grateful to these people? If you have even a little bit of respect for them, then accept them as your role models and walk on the path which they have so caringly laid before you.

If you dream, dare to dream big and learn to transform those dreams into reality. If you are an ideal human being, then learn to walk on the right path no matter how difficult that path might be. And, keep dreaming because you never know when your dreams will come true.

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  1. You are a true Loretoite, my friend. I still remember how nervous you were before delivering this speech. Though this was your first speech, you did touch the heart of the audience. You deserved the standing ovation.

    Liked by 1 person

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