Amazing were those days when I’d walk into your arms,
Waiting to be hugged, dreaming to be kissed.
Today as I sit by the window pane, I sigh
‘Cause the rain kisses my lips to remind me I’d never be missed.

People tell me what a mistake I have made;
They tell me I chose the wrong man for myself.
But I know my heart loved the right man
At the wrong time— so I cannot help

My shattered heart to erase your memory forever.
But I know I can force my brain to think otherwise.
Hence, I convince my brain to stop craving for you,
Even though my heart can’t bear these painful lies.

I can’t bear to see you feeling hurt for hurting me
Unintentionally, because you know you can’t satisfy
My untold cravings. So I’m left with the only
choice of turning away from you, saying, ”Goodbye.”


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



  1. Beautiful expression of a very broken heart. Don’t feel that you made a mistake. It isn’t, nor was it. Loving someone, and then loosing them is extremely painful. Do not fret, regret, or feel shame that this love came, and then went.

    One day you will remember this, in a very different way than you do now. Little do you realize the depth of maturity that will spring forward through having lived this broken bond.

    Take care of yourself, allow the tears to fall, the anger to rise up and all the other emotions. Accepting this as a trial will help you to gain a whole new perspective about yourself and others.

    I wish you happiness.

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