Embrace your last sleep

It is easy to be a human being, but, it’s not easy being human. Similarly, it is easy to fall in love, but, it’s not easy to love someone. And, this love becomes more difficult when that someone would never become your better-half. It is easy to tell that someone that you demand nothing, but, in your heart of hearts, you have desires that even you don’t know about. You say that you need that someone to be happy, but, you never say that you want that someone to be happy in your happiness. You say you were born alone and, hence, you will die alone, but, you never admit the fact that destiny chose you to lament alone. When you see that someone happy with someone else, tears unknowingly gather in your eyes. You convince yourself that your tears are a symbol of your happiness, but, your attempt to make yourself happy fails even though others get convinced about your happiness. This fake happiness covering the deepest sorrow in the core of your heart gradually vanishes when you are alone. The unexpressed grief shatters your heart. You lie down on your bed and cry silently. Your pillow gets wet till you are drained of all your tears. Still, you are not satisfied as your need will never be fulfilled. You admit to yourself that you need a shoulder to lean on and a chest to cry on, but, you know that that someone will never embrace you. Hence, you silently embrace your last sleep.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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