Love is Freedom

We have all noticed that all of us have been confronted with this question atleast once in our lifetime. This very simple question with a very complicated answer is: What is LOVE?

You will hear most of the people answering that love is ‘loyalty’, ‘trust’, ‘understanding’, ‘compromise’, ‘friendship’, ‘hatred’ and the list can go on and on and on…

Do you know what I think of LOVE? No? Well then, ask me! My answer will follow your question…

”What is LOVE?”

LOVE is nothing but complete FREEDOM!

Shocked, are you? Well, then let me explain myself…

‘Love’ is ‘freedom’….. It is that freedom which lets you fly, which lets you sink. It is that freedom which lets you jump into the ocean without giving a thought to the fact that you can’t swim. It is that freedom which allows you to look as you are and to be yourself. It is that freedom which lets you realise your lover’s freedom as well. It is that freedom which binds the two of you by ‘trust’. It is that freedom which allows and encourages and establishes the feeling of trust for each other within your hearts. It is because of that trust that you become the truest ‘friends’, ‘companions’ for life. It is because of that companionship that you both are unknowingly ‘loyal’ to each other. It is because of that loyalty that you don’t feel awkward or ashamed to ‘confess’ to your lover your heart’s deepest desires. It is because of this lack of awkwardness that you both never refrain from ‘sharing’ your thoughts and everything else as well. It is because of that sharing that you both develop a kind of ‘understanding’ which only you both can comprehend. Thus, you fall in love with each other every single second of your life.

It is because of this love that you understand that your love for each other is always like the coffee in the coffee mug. Every single drop of coffee tastes delicious, feels smooth and looks mouthwatering. Sometimes, the mug overflows with coffee just as sometimes love overflows in your life. Sometimes, the level of coffee is much below the brim of the coffee mug; however, the coffee, which is as delicious as before, is still present there. Sometimes, someone drinks that coffee out of that same mug of yours, but, some drops of coffee are still left for you to enjoy. That coffee is free to be poured into any cup. You know it very well that you don’t possess that coffee. You only have the opportunity to taste it, to breathe in its aroma when it is poured into your coffee mug. However, one day that coffee itself decides to reward your praise and pleasure by surrendering its beauty to you alone. That day, you become the princess you were destined to be, waiting for your prince to carry you in his arms and take you away to the land of eternal bliss— Paradise.

LOVE is truly magical… Isn’t it?

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  1. It is a magical and lovely feeling to be bitten by the love bug, whole world looks lovely and you like everything around you. So Yashika dear, hope you found your life’s love. Hugs, love and happiness to you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yashika;
        Don’t worry!!!!!
        It is just the beginning of life…………
        Life is too long…………………………………
        Wait & watch is the right policy said some wise man…………………
        Wishing you all the best………………………


  2. Yashika;
    From bottom of my heart, I pray to GOD, someday, your imagination turned into reality and you find one of the most wonderful person………….
    Wishing you all the best…………….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yashika;
        You don’t have to wait, at appropriate time GOD will send someone as a your “prince charming”; and at that, I will be the most happiest person, because, you deserve the best.
        Wishing you all the best………………

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Now, you have understood the matter, like a magnificent person with mature mind…Yes, and believe me there are many things in life comes in most unexpected ways, and it is called destiny…
        Isn’t it????????????????????????????

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Look, I am firm believer in GOD and I have completely surrender myself to him only and; I have firm belief that whatever he does, he does for my benefit, so, my thinking hardly matters, yes, if you want to ask it, ask to GOD on behalf of me, he may reply you………

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