The Song of Silence

As I sit by the window pane,
Feeling on my face the monsoon rain,
I recall the days we’ve been together,
Enlarging my romanticism in this romantic weather.

I look beyond the rainy sky
Regretting the times I’ve told you a lie,
But, surprisingly, you could read my face,
And, decipher the reason behind every such case.

I recall the moments when you saw me cry,
And to cheer me up you would instantly try,
Joking and hugging me all the while
Till I forgot my grief and got absorbed in your sweet smile!

So full of emotions and so expressive I was,
That the others thought my feelings were false;
But you never failed to perceive them all-
Breaking between us the invisible wall.

So close we were, even we did not know.
We realised this fact as our feelings were low
When we had to depart for our journey of life.
Our hearts were torn- as if stabbed by a knife.

Soon enough, we lost touch with each other,
As our Sunday meetings could not be continued further.
But now, these memories make my eyes drenched,
As I sit by the window and sing ”The Song of Silence”.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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