Did you forget?

Did you forget the happy days of the past
That seemed to pass too quick and fast?
The teenage pranks and the childish screams
The love we shared and all our dreams?

Did you forget our garden, sweet and small,
The birds’ nests and their melodious call,
Where the impetuous squirrels hid their nuts,
But to collect them all, you had the guts?

Did you forget the flowing stream?
On chits of paper we wrote our dream
And let it flow down to the vast sea
Where lay hidden on its bed our destiny’s key?

Did you forget the day you took me on a date
And appeared with a bouquet of roses infront of my gate?
As we walked through the dark, the cool breeze blew,
And you whispered into my ears- “I love you!”

My heart stopped beating as I was amazed
And in your soft, buttery eyes I fixed my gaze.
The genuine love that I saw in your eyes
Made my heart light like a bird when it flies.

You read the answer in my eyes, I guess,
When I snuggled close to you and whispered back-”Yes!”
I felt your trickling breath on my wrists,
When you pulled me close and gave me my first kiss.

Days passed by, everyday we met,
Waiting eagerly for the warm hug I would get,
Till one day you looked away from me-
And, I thought, perhaps, you could not spot me.

But I was wrong, I discovered eventually,
My heart was broken, I was left in melancholy,
‘Cause you had found a girl better than me,
And forgot me totally. So precious was she!

But you’ll always be my love, I won’t hesitate,
And, my entire life I would wait and wait,
Believing that, my first love, I would definitely get!
But I ask you now, ”Did you forget?”


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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